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East Fork Irrigation District
PO Box 162
Odell, OR 97044

Current News


3/14/17 - EFID's crew has worked diligently to clean all of the canals to have them ready for the 2016 irrigation season which begins April 15, 2017.   Since there are still snow accumulations at higher altitudes, it is planned that natural drainage water will be introduced into several lower altitude canals that may supply orchardists with sprayhead.  It is expected that around March 27th water will be introduced into the Main Canal and Central Pipeline.  Water levels will continue to be raised and water will be incrementally introduced into all of the canals and pipelines of the system and will be ready for opening day of irrigation.


Snowpack on Mt. Hood:  Even though it seems that we have had abundant snow this winter, hydrologists have recorded snowpack levels on Mt. Hood at 98 percent of the 30-year average.  This year bodes well for stream flows.  It is hoped that these conditions have fully rehydrated our area and brought our five-year drought to an end.  Even though this could be the case, we still urge patrons to be conservative in their use of water.  Drought situations are bound to recur in the future so it is best to always irrigate using a conservative approach.